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Been in an accident?
Even if you think it is your fault call us for legal analysis.

There are many forms of personal injury and many forms of personal injury attorneys. But one thing remains a steady component of all such claims – establishing damages. And this is where most self-represented victims make serious mistakes while negotiating their claims.

Liability, or who’s at fault, in most cases is established quit easily. But detecting and documenting injuries, and not just physical injuries, requires the skill of an attorney prepared to bring a team of professionals together to establish and fight for your full scope of damages.

Auto accidents, truck accidents, and premises injuries, result in complicated medical procedures and collection efforts. And not all injuries in the workplace fall exclusively under the workers compensation rules. Your employer may be liable for injuries you sustain at work that occur outside the scope of your employment or where the employer fails to have you covered under a valid workers compensation insurance policy.

We will investigate the causes and find the evidence that establishes fault and liability. We will assist you with finding and securing medical treatment that properly addresses your injuries. Our attorneys will ensure you receive fair and full compensation for your injuries.

Call Now: 530.249.4872